retaining & garden walls

Mortarless Block Retaining Walls

ALLAN BLOCK - these mortarless retaining wall products cover most of your landscape design and engineering needs. The Allan Block's built-in features allow retaining walls to be easily engineered and easily built.

ALLAN BLOCK EUROPA COLLECTION - is a mortarless retaining wall system that adds character and dimension to your landscape. A combination of various shapes and sizes can be used to create the look of an old European stone wall.

Concrete Masonary Block

PRECISION CONCRETE MASONARY BLOCKS - are the most widely used and are typically used if there is going to be a stucco or stone face finish. Precison Blocks have square edges and a smooth texture.

BURNISHED BLOCKS - are used to create a finish similar to polished stone and are a lower cost alternative.

SPLIT-FACE BLOCKS - provide an attractive alternative to standard precison blocks. Their rugged texture reveal natural aggregates to create an appealing finish.

SLUMP BLOCKS - are intentionally manufactured to mimic the appearance of old adobe bricks.

Poured-In-Place Concrete Walls

Concrete poured in place can be more cost effective for shorter masonary walls.


Both Precison Blocks or Poured-In-Place Concrete can have these custom finishes. Stucco and stone facing can be coordinated to match or complement existing finishes. Natural Stone, Cultured Stone and Stone Veneer can be used for the stone facing finish.

Rock and Boulders

For a natural look, boulders can be used for low walls in non-structural situations. Boulders can also be a nice accent in a natural looking landscape.


Wood, with its natural feel, is a versatile and lower cost alternative.

The materials listed above can be obtained from local vendors:
Air Vol Block
Central Coast Landscape Products
Hayward Lumber
Big Creek Lumber
Burke and Pace Lumber
Please visit their websites for a complete listing of all their available products.